IT Support

Whether your business relies on one personal computer, or a fully commissioned network, Smart IT can provide you with the expert support and attention that your company needs.

Network Engineer

When your I.T. system is down the productivity of your company is reduced, this could seriously disrupt your business. Smart IT help keep your I.T. system running continuously allowing you carry on with your business undisrupted.

Our support contacts are made up of the following services:

  • Telephone and Email Support
    Our Telephone and Email Support is offered free of charge to anyone taking out a support contract with us. Our friendly team of support engineers are always happy to answer any questions you may have or give advice IT related issues.
  • Remote (Dial in) Support
    By installing a small piece of software onto your network, Smart IT can (with your permission) take over your computer from our office and fix most problems instantly. It takes just seconds from you calling our support team to report a problem, to an engineer taking control of your PC and resolving any IT issues you may have. This amazing piece of software allows our engineers to view your computer as if they were sat in front of it.

Over 91% of all our support incidents are resolved immediately by telephone and remote support.

  • Onsite Support
    Unfortunately some problems can’t be resolved remotely (such as a broken monitor) and we must send an engine
    er to your premises to resolve the problem. We understand that when things go wrong your productivity is reduced and we will respond urgently and efficiently.
  • Respect for your business
    When at your place of work our engineers are always courteous and well informed. Smart IT engineers respect your business needs and avoid disrupting your staff from their normal business activities.
  • Remote Monitoring / Preventive Maintenance
    Remote monitoring until recently was a luxury only the largest corporations that employed their own IT engineers could afford. Now small and medium sized companies can benefit from having engineers monitor their servers, network and workstations.Our engineers regular check your IT systems and carry out preventive maintenance tasks which helps us to identify any problems before they arise, allowing us to eliminate any downtime. If in the unlikely event a problem does arise, our remote monitoring software notifies us immediately and allows us resolve the problem usually before you are even aware there is a problem.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Visits
    We like to make scheduled visits to check on hardware we cannot monitor remotely, such as the location of cables and any physical damage that could cause problems later on.
  • Performance Reviews
    A Performance Review is a meeting to discuss the current performance of your IT systems and how we can improve the IT system for the future.  This will include planning for business growth, upgrading software systems and replacing tired tired hardware.
  • Network Audits
    Are you happy that your system is meeting your business needs adequately? If the answer’s ‘Yes’ ask yourself if you’re certain of all the facts. At Smart IT we offer an initial Network Audit. This comprehensive audit is the perfect way to gather all the information required to enable us to offer you the best recommendations and options for the future of your I.T. systems. The audit gives Smart IT the opportunity to fully familiarise ourselves with your I.T. systems so we can identify exactly the areas that need improving.

Every business will have different IT requirements. Please contact us to discuss your IT requirements and how we can help improve your IT and save you money.

IT Support Packages

Our standard IT Support packages include:

On-Demand IT Support

Our On-Demand IT Support package is great for small businesses that do not require a lot of IT Support, but do rely on IT to run their business.  With an On-Demand IT Support package you simply pay for any remote/onsite IT Support you use, when you use it, at a heavily discounted rate.  You also get the benefit of emergency IT Support cover (contract customers are always put before pay-as-you-go customer) and a maximum response time of 4 hours.

Business Defence IT Support

Our Business Defense IT Support packages provide unlimited remote IT Support to you and your staff.  Making sure small IT problems don’t get in the way of business.  Should any of your staff have an IT issue simply call our helpdesk and one of our experienced engineers will dial into your computer (the user will need to grant permission) and repair the problem instantly.  Over 91% of IT issues can be resolved instantly, within minutes, using our remote support technology.  Should the problem require an engineer visit, an engineer will be scheduled to be with you within 4 hours.

Block Hour

Block Hour IT Support allows you to purchase block hours to use for remote or onsite support at heavily discounted prices.  Block buy IT Support customers also benefit from emergency IT Support cover including a maximum response time of 4 hours.