Hosted Web Security

Boost employee productivity and improve Internet security with Smart IT’s Web Security, a ‘set-it and forget-it’ solution that ensures your employees have access to what they need and filters out what they don’t.

Smart IT’s web security gives you the Internet monitoring capabilities to help boost employee productivity without shutting off their Internet access altogether.  It provides multiple layers of protection to secure your network from threats and filter out unwanted content, giving you peace of mind that your broadband line is not being abused.

Features include:

  • Proactively protect your network
    Block malicious websites, control what can be downloaded and scan what is downloaded using multiple AntiVirus systems
  • Predict web security risks
    Websites and IP address can be blocked by reputation score
  • Increase productivity
    Reduce the time wasted by employees visiting social websites and other websites of no interest to the business
  • Filter Internet use
    Create an Internet access policy to filter a list of over 280,000,000 indexed domains
  • Maximize available bandwidth
    Set time and bandwidth limits to ensure everyone can use the internet and streaming media is controlled.
  • Prevent data leakage
    Block phishing websites and scams automatically
  • Monitor HTTPS traffic
    Prevent malware from hijacking HTTPS traffic and stealing sensitive data
  • Immediate ROI
    The increase in productivity will pay for itself near instantly

Contact Smart IT on 0845 463 1982 for a quote, and boost your employees productivity today.