Call Plans and Phone Lines

Smart IT don’t just install telephone systems, we partner with several communication companies to provide you with reliable and competitively priced calls and lines, tailored to your business needs.

The telecoms industry can be like a minefield, with so many different options and services to choose from selecting the right service at the best price can be difficult for the average consumer.

At Smart IT we take care of the finding the right deal for you, this includes arranging a free audit of your current telephone system and tariffs to help identify where you are spending too much money.  In the past our audit has helped find services our clients were paying for every month that were not used, not required and should never have been sold.

Using this audit, and any additional requests or recommendations (such as upgrades or additional hardware), we then begin to negotiate with our partners to determine the best package for your needs.  This could include voice and data provision, as well as hardware supply and install.

Once we’ve found the right deal for you, we’ll contact you with a breakdown on the package and prices, including how much we estimate you will save by moving.

Contact us today to arrange a free audit of your telecoms and see how much you could save.