About Smart IT

Based in Team Valley, Gateshead, Smart IT has a proven track record of successfully delivering IT solutions across a broad range of industries throughout the UK.

Although typically we serve businesses with between 10 and 100 workstations and servers, our portfolio ranges from working on some of the largest IT networks in the North East to simple one-off PC/server repairs. We are financially stable and have no long term debt.

Smart IT is going from strength to strength, with our client base having doubled in the last year. We are constantly investing in new technologies and engineers to ensure the IT support service becomes more efficient and responsive.

Our customers are in a diverse range of industries including finance, construction, legal, charities, manufacturing, media and other IT specialists. For every customer we develop and deliver a customised support plan to satisfy their unique requirements, expectations and budget.

We will never over-stretch our engineers and recruit as we expand. Although we outsource value added services such as electrical installations, we never sub-contract our key services. We live and die by the service we offer and we are not prepared to compromise on that service by using personnel that are not employed and trained by Smart IT.

Feel free to contact us at any time to discuss how we can help you secure the future of your business by providing the service that your IT setup requires.